Overview of the new features available in netLD version 16.

Cross-Network Management

Provides the ability to perform searches, run jobs, and manage devices across multiple Managed Networks.

Device File Attachment

Users now have the ability to attach files to devices in the inventory.

Authentication Audit Logging

Audit Log Documentation

Smart Bridge Reverse Connection

Smart Bridges can now be configured to initiate their HTTPS connection to the core server rather than requiring the core server to initiate the connection.

Backup over Jumphost

Users can now configure a Jumphost to use when performing device operations.

Jumphost Documentation

Configuration Change View

A top-level view for seeing a history of configuration changes across all devices.

Hostnames in Job Output

Job will now display the devices' hostnames in their output tables.

Selectable Columns for Inventory Export

Users can now select which columns should be included in the device inventory export.

Automatic SNMP version selection

Backup and discovery operations can now automatically attempt SNMP v2c when v1 fails.

Improved Serial Number Search

Serial number searches from the Advanced Device Search view now search across all device hardware, including cards, daughter cards, transceivers, power supplies, and fan trays.

Web Proxy Support

Net LineDancer servers without direct internet connectivity can now check for and download online updates, update licenses, and report usage information through an HTTP proxy.

Regular Expressions in Compliance Rules

Regular expressions can now be used within compliance rule set variable restrictions.

Hostnames in Job Output

Job results now show a hostname column for easier identification of devices.

Report Spreadsheets

Compliance, Backup, and Managed Network Usage reports can now all be output as spreadsheets (XLS and CSV).

IP in PnP Request History

The device IP address is now shown in the PnP history view.

Juniper JunOS "set" Configuration

Add the "display set" configuration for Juniper JunOS devices. This allows easier compliance rule creation as well as adds Change Advisor support for Juniper JunOS.