Net Line Dancer:

netLD is designed to help network engineers manage the configurations of their networking devices e.g. routers, switches, firewalls, etc., in their enterprise. Below is a brief summary of what netLD can do:

Automatic detection of network devices in your network. Once you specify the range of IP addresses, you begin to discover devices within your network. This is helpful when you do not have reliable documentation on device IP addresses. This situation makes it difficult to understand the current state of your network.

Grouping, automated login and backup. You can group devices so that the devices share the same login credentials, reducing the effort to log in to each device. Once you have created a credential set, netLD is then able to login to each device, capturing it’s configurations, hardware information and much more.

Fast, intuitive and automated access to the properties of each device. You can see, compare and restore the backed-up state of the devices in few clicks! The current state of each device is shown as an icon and you can easily find which devices have issue.

Manage thousands of devices. If you manage thousands of devices, you will find it’s painstaking slow to configure them because their configurations are almost the same but have small variations (such as IP addresses and device names). We provide a scalable management method, Smart Change, for that purpose.

Additional features include:

– Report Generation (Inventory, compliance violations, hardware and more).

– Automated detection and logging of configuration changes.

– Automated error reporting to other Network Management Systems.

0.1.1 Target Audience

The target audience for this manual is network administrators and network engineers, from junior levels to senior management, who need assistance with their netLD network change and configuration management product. We assume you are already familiar with IP networks, concepts of device configurations, and CLI operation on your networking devices. That said, we provide helpful explanation even for basic features.

0.1.2 About this manual

1. First, we give tutorials describing the basic installation and the initial setup so that you can quickly start to manage the devices in your network(s).

2. Then, we give a concise explanation of various original concepts in netLD (for example, networks, credentials, etc.) as well as most of the terms that we use throughout the manual such as the names of the UI elements. If you feel you are already comfortable with those concepts you can skip this section.

3. Next, we proceed to the usage of the basic tools. They are easy to follow if you have a basic understanding of some concepts and UI elements of netLD. However, since the UI elements are designed to be intuitive, you may be able to figure out how to use them even before reading this section.

4. We then provide further instructions for the use of netLD’s advanced tools such as Terminal Proxy, Smart Bridge and Cisco PnP.

5. The rest of the sections describe miscellaneous tools, tips, FAQs and default/internal data, which may help you solve problems encountered during operation.

Note that you can start with any section if you are already familiar with netLD.

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