This functionality is not supported in v18.

You can display your Net LineDancer license information from the CLI by executing the following commands.


  [root@netld ~]# cd /usr/share/netld

  [root@netld netld]# perl/bin/perl config/security/license.enc

     ... output here ...

Note: Version 14.06 users can replace the path config/security/license.enc with osgi-config/security/license.enc


  C:\Users\Administrator> cd "\Program Files\Net LineDancer"

  C:\Program Files\Net LineDancer> perl config\security\license.enc

     ... output here ...  

Example output:


organization: LogicVein
nodes: 100
serial: 1A06B-58FB6-6AFB5-A39CE-22060
expires: 2018/11/03
entitlements: NCM,ZeroTouch,ChangeTools,TermLog,Compliance,BulkChange,SmartBridge=2
eos: 2016/11/03
licenseVersion: 2
mac: 00:50:DE:AD:BE:EF
type: Enterprise