1.3 Accessing the netLD Instance

After installation, the netLD server is automatically running in the background and you can access its GUI. To do so, open a web browser and enter https://localhost/ in the address bar, then hit Enter. If you are running netLD on a different machine than that you are trying to access it on, then replace localhost with the machine’s IP address. The program is running as a standard HTTP server and the default access port is 80, but this can be modified later.

If you are running a modern browser, the browser complains that you are trying to access an insecure website. However, clearly this website is your own local web server, you do not have to worry that it could be a malicious website.

The browser in this example is Mozilla Firefox. Click on Add exception. A similar interface is provided in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. On IE, select ”Continue to this website (not recommended)”. On Chrome, select Proceed anyway.


This security certificate messages can be safely ignored in this case and does not affect the behavior of the program. They are displayed because your browser is not aware of the SSL credentials used by netLD. You can safely disable this dialog by adding the SSL certification of your server to the browser. The instructions to add the credential is given later in the manual, Sec. 5.4.1.