1.4 Login

Voila! Now the netLD login screen should be displayed. For security reasons, whenever you log in to netLD, you must provide a username and password. The username and password for the initial login are shown below.

Username: admin

Password: password

Figure 1.4.1: The login screen


Figure 1.4.2: Enter the default passwords.2


If you are using the free trial version, the evaluation license expires in 30 days after the first login. Similarly, if you have authenticated the license via a license file, it expires in 30 days after the date issued. In order to upgrade from the free version to the full version, you have to add a permanent license file (Sec. 5.4.2).

IMPORTANT — please change the admin password later for more security. When you cannot change the password immediately, disconnect the machine from the network at least. (However, it still allows attackers to sneak into the system using viruses sent via devises such as USB flash drives.)

The instruction to change your password is further explained later in the manual, Sec. 3.2, but we also describe it briefly here: after the login, click on the ”Settings” in the upper right corner of the screen, go to ”Users” section, double-click on the user ”admin” and then modify its password.