2.4 Users and Roles

Roles manage the user permissions in general. Each role defines a set of permissions such as read/write permissions on devices. Each user belongs to exactly one such role, and the role effectively controls the user’s access to those networks and operations. The complete list of configurable permissions can be found in Sec. 7.3, p.232.

User experience Role(s)

blob1476394302809.png  0 yr           backup only

blob1476394308615.png  2 yrs         backup & schedule in Network A

blob1476394351060.png  5 yrs         backup,schedule,modify in Networks A,B

blob1476394383780.png  15 yrs       all features

Configuration on the users and the roles can be done primarily in the settings window.

             Figure 2.4.1: Roles section in Settings window.


In the factory configuration, only the Administrator role is available and there is only one user named ”admin”, with the password set to ”password.” For the increased security, users are highly recommended to change this password. Also, when more than one user will be using netLD, it is recommended that additional roles be created based on their level of experience.