2.6 Service Management

netLD consists of two parts: the server program running in the background and the web-based GUI. In order to access the GUI, you first have to launch the server program.

The netLD service starts automatically just after the installation. It is also launched automatically after a system reboot. You can start or stop the service manually either by clicking on the netLD icon in Windows’ Task Bar or via Service Manager.

netLD service must be restarted in the following cases;

• When IP address of the netLD server is changed manually

• When new device adapters are added manually

• When backed up files are restored manually

• When the license file is renewed manually

• When netLD upgrades

On Linux systems, NetLD daemon (Linux counterpart of windows’ service) can be started/stopped via service start netld and service stop netld. For details, see the man page of service by entering man service on console.

Figure 2.4.2: Users section in Settings window.


Figure 2.5.1: Network section in settings window.


Figure 2.6.1: Background Service and GUI concept.


Figure 2.6.2: This is the Task Bar Icon of netLD.


Figure 2.6.3: Right-click on the icon and the menu appears, then start/stop the service.


Figure 2.6.4: netLD service can also be managed in Windows Service Manager. Select the Services option from the Configuration menu and select Net LineDancer from Name list. After the action list (Stop the service, Restart the service) is displayed for the selected service, select the action to perform.