3.11     Draft Configuration

A Draft Configuration  is a configuration  that are saved independently  of the backup history.   It is treated just the same way  as 

the normal configurations (in the backup snapshots) but it also has several difference: it has a name, it can be exported to/imported  from a plain text 

files etc. It is useful when you reuse the same device configuration several times.

Figure  3.11.1: The buttons in the draft configuration pane


3.11.1   Creating a Draft Configuration

Draft configuration can initially be made by copying the existing configuration snapshot. Firstly, double-click on the target device to make a new draft 

configuration for the device.

Click on a configuration snapshot to copy from, and then click on blob1477952222803.png .


Enter the name for the draft configuration and click on the OK button.



To modify a draft configuration, double-click on the entry.


Edit the configuration.  When finished, save the configuration via  blob1477952329024.png Then the timestamp in the Last Edit is refreshed.

3.11.2   Importing Configurations from Plain Texts

To create a new draft configuration from an external text file, double-click on the target device in Device View and open up the configuration history in 

the status pane. (We assume that you already have a text file containing a configuration.) Then click on the  blob1477952371561.png  .


Select the file to import and click on the Open button just as in usual Windows software.


Then a new configuration is added to the list of Draft Configurations.


Exporting Drafts

Similarly, click on the blob1477952448142.png  to export the draft into a plain text.

Deleting Drafts

To remove a draft, click on the   .blob1477952459620.png

3.11.3   Comparing the Configurations

You can compare the configurations via   button. The methods for getting the comparison between snapshot-to-snapshot, snapshot-to-draft, 

and draft-to-draft are identical. For more information,  see Sec. 3.4.5, p.71 (Compare).

Select two configurations for comparison and click on blob1477952492538.png


3.11.4   Applying a Draft Configuration to a Device

Similar to the comparison method, applying a draft is almost the same as applying (restoring) a past configuration snapshot to a device.

However, there is a difference in one point (depending on the device):

Select a draft configuration for a push and click on blob1477952526939.png


Choose which configuration to push it to. (Either running-config or startup-config.) This is the only difference between restoring the configuration

snap shot and uploading a draft configuration.


Click on the OK button to initiate an upload.