3.12     Change Adviser

Change Adviser guesses the needs of the operator and automatically  create a help- ful advice by comparing the latest configuration with the selected 

configuration. Note: This feature is supported only on Cisco IOS and similar operation systems.

Press blob1477952707443.png to initiate Change Adviser.


1. double-click  on a device in Device View.

2. Select a configuration either from draft or snapshot configurations.

3. Click on blob1477952720115.png .

4. Change Adviser  is invoked and suggests some commands in the lower window.

Change Adviser is initiated.


3.12.1   Executing Commands through Change Adviser

You can push the commands provided by Change Adviser into a device. Before running the command  suggested by the adviser,  please re-

check the generated commands again. Once you have noticed any unintended suggestion, you can edit the generated commands directly.

Re-check the generated commands again!


 After that, click on Run and then confirm it by clicking on the Yes button to proceed.


You can see the results of the command executions in CLI as they progress. The results are also shown in the job history Sec. 3.7


During the configuration recovery and the draft configuration,the primary communication protocol isTFTP. Therefore, these features are not available in devices with no support for TFTP. On the other hand,Change Adviser is available in all devices supporting some CLI (telnet/SSH).