3.13     Search Tab

This section describes the various advanced search methods that are accessible in Search Tab. These methods do NOT have something to do with the 

device search. Search Tab consists of two sub tabs, switch port search and ARP search.

3.13.1   Switch Port Search

Switch Port Search allows you to search devices by specifying FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name), IP address or MAC address of the device. It shows ARP and NDP of the nodes or the information of the Switch Port. The following example shows the result for switch port search by specifying an IP address "".

Figure  3.13.1: Port search.


3.13.2   ARP Search

ARP Search searches for any device that has the query IP in its ARP table. In the example below, we have that the ARP table in a device ”” 

contains the specified IP

Figure  3.13.2: ARP table search.