4.5 Real-time Change Detection

netLD is able to detect the configuration changes made outside of netLD and perform a backup in real-time. The change is notified from the device viasyslog message.

Figure 4.5.1: Operation Model of Real-time Change Detection


4.5.1 Configuring your devices

In order to activate this feature, you have to add your netLD server to the device configuration as a syslog recipient. The feature is not available on some

devices depending on the vendor and the model of the device. Also, we provide only a limited instruction to the syslog configuration because the syntax in

the configuration varies among vendors. Please contact the device vendors for further assistance.

Note that if there is another syslog server in your network it might interfere the logging command sent to netLD server. Contact LogicVein Technical Support for

more details for locating an external syslog server.

Also, if your devices are not able to emit syslog messages, you have to set up a syslog server manually and independently. In this case too,

please contact us through support@logicvein.com.

Now, following examples show the syslog configuration on Cisco and Yamaha devices, where The IP address of netLD server is

Cisco 2500

Router# configure terminal

Router(config)# logging

Router(config)# logging on

Router(config)# exit

Yamaha RT107

Yamaha# syslog host

Yamaha# syslog info on

Yamaha# save

4.5.2 Operation Check

Check netLD server log real-time events to test operations of this feature. netLD Server log files are saved in netLD install directory with a name

netLD.log. When a change is detected, the following entry is added:

10:35:57 [RealtimeProvider] [Jetty-1] INFO - Added device to real-time batch.

If no such entry is found, check another syslog log file (normally syslog.log in the same directory) to see if it is receiving any messages from the device.

Again, note that this feature is not available on some devices. It is either due to the hardware limitation, or because the device is the latest model. However, in the latter case, a future support is possible if the device has a specific login and logout events, or a syslog event for configuration change. For this kind of feature-request, contact LogicVein Technical Support (support@logicvein.com).