Chapter 5.1 - Configurations Related to Devices and Operations

5.1.1   Modifying the Columns in  the Device View

To modify the columns in the Device View, click on the top-right Select columns button (Tz1RiuNZNkqepZqV7KF0TDJPTKKlDZseRw.png). The Customization  dialog show up, so toggle each entry appropriately.

Click on the AaGxyBLFFVMlbISIretydBrSFSP6E9uB7w.png button.


Toggle the check boxes.


5.1.2   Scheduler Filters

You can use cron expression filters to set regular-basis job schedules. Added filters can be reused afterward while making a job schedule.

Select Job Management → Filters.


Click on WtmMKQvhjqFlT0Q7t9a5Hjj6dIzPah45gA.png to create a filter.


Enter the required information. Click on the OK button to save the filter.


Field title                    Description

Name                          Enter a meaningful filter name.

Cron Expression          Enter a cron expression.

Timezone                    Select the timezone to calculate the event triggering time.

Confirm if the new filter is added and click on the OK button to finish.


5.1.3   Device Tags

You can group devices in netLD inventory by creating tags for each group. Device

Tags can be used while searching the devices.

Open Inventory → Device Tags menu.


Enter a name for the tag and click on BWLsXmiy1DqrQAIm9eGo5hCMM4aEYUgL7w.png.


Icons        Description

Red X     Click on this icon to delete the tag.

swm1zmW4NpLh_fP6dwrYS7pT6n8Hu8H8Dg.png         Click on this icon or double-click on a tag name in the list to edit the tag.

Select devices in Device View and click on the Associate Tag or Disassociate tags buttons in the Device tool bar.


Enable checkboxes for each device tag to associate it with the devices, or leave checkbox empty (disassociate).


If you are selecting more than one device, tags shared by those devices are displayed in the list. Finally, click on the OK button to save the change.


5.1.4   Display Neighbor Information

netLD allows you to check the neighbor information  of the device via Display neighbors in Device menu.

Select Device → Display neighbors.


The new tab appears in the status pane.