5.3     Help Menu

Help Menu is used to send a log, check the manual/FAQs and so on.

5.3.1   FAQ

Clicking  on this menu opens FAQ page in our website.

5.3.2   Manual

Clicking  on this menu opens netLD product manual.

5.3.3   About

There are several features in Help → About and they are useful for debugging. To use the features in this section, you have to login with Administrator  user.

Adapter  Logging

Adapter Logging feature in the About menu allows you to issue a log for adapter operations. It is effective only in 5 minutes and is disabled after that. It is because this feature is quite CPU intensive, and there may be significant  performance drawback if someone forgot to disable the feature.

To activate the adapter logging feature, first select the About in Help menu. Then click on the Adapter Logging button.


Enter an IP address of the target device in IP/CIDR and enable checkbox for

Enable recording of adapter operations.


The log file have a filename much like the following:

C:ˇProgram  FilesˇNet  LineDancerˇscratchˇlogsˇSwitch_backup_10.0.2.3.log

Send Log

Send Log feature sends a set of log files to support@logicvein.com  when you are in troubles. The logging feature in netLD is quite exhaustive, e.g. it creates the logs even while using the Smart Bridge feature.

1. Select the About in the Help menu.

2. Click on the Send Log button.

Enter your E-mail address in Your E-Mail field and click on the OK button to send the log.