6.2     Backup Fails!

Please follow the instruction below precisely:

1. Confirm again the credential information set in netLD  (username, password, community names, etc.) matches the configurations in the device.

2. Confirm again the protocols enabled for the device in netLD are also enabled on the device.

3. Confirm again firewall/antivirus  software does not block the required ports.

4. Confirm again NO TWO network groups share the same IP address.

5. Confirm the cable connection again.

If the backup still fails after all these efforts, get the log files by performing steps in Adapter  Logging (Sec. 5.3.3, p.207) and send it to our technical support ( support@logicvein.com ).Thank you for your patience.

See Also: Sec. 2.3, p.31 (Credentials,  Network  Groups,  Protocols),  Sec. 3.1, p.42 (Credentials),  Sec.  2.3.2, p.33 (Protocols),  Sec.  5.3.3, p.207 (Adapter  Logging)