6.3     The wrong IP address is displayed during the discovery

netLD choose one IP address if the device has multiple  addresses.  Therefore, the detected address may be different than the one you expected.  To use the other address for the device, add the device manually by using Inventory → Add New Device.  During the discovery, it uses the following algorithm to guess the management IP address.

1. Runs show interface command on each device and gets the response.

2. Reads the result from the top, and search for the interface description. Once it finds an interface, it checks if it is a software loopback. If yes, it also reads the IP address written in the result.

3. Sends a ping to that address.

4. If the device responds, netLD selects the IP address as a management ad- dress. End the algorithm.

5. If the device does not respond, netLD  goes back to 2 to try another address.

6. If none of the address responds, then pings to the non-loopback interfaces

(similar to 3-5.) and selects the first IP address that responds.

An example of a result of running show Interface command on a device:

FastEthernet0/0 is  up,   line protocol is up

Hardware  is AmdFE,  address is  000c.cec6.eae0 (bia  000c.cec6.eae0) Internet address is

MTU  1500  bytes, BW   100000  Kbit, DLY  100  usec,


FastEthernet0/1 is  up,   line protocol is up

Hardware  is AmdFE,  address is  000c.cec6.eae1 (bia  000c.cec6.eae1) Internet address is


In the case above, since none of the interfaces are loopback interfaces, netLD jumps to 6, and sends a ping to first. If the device responds, it takes it as a management address. Otherwise it sends a ping to does not respond, it means that the IP address has disappeared completely in the network. Please review the SNMP settings and other configurations on the device by connecting to the device directly e.g. via the serial port.