7.2     Directories

netLD  creates the following directory trees under the installation  directory.

Directory              Description

adapters               Device interaction adapters.

backups               Automated daily backups.

core                     Core service code.

crates                  Core service code.

derby                   Apache Derby database.

Java7                  Java 7 Runtime distribution.

legal                    Open Source library licenses and legal acknowledgements.

lucene                  Apache Lucene full-text search indexes.

migration              Version upgrades scripts.

osgi-config           Internal configuration files.

Perl                       Perl Runtime distribution.

pgsql                  PostgreSQL Database.

real-time              Real-time change detection scripts.

reports                Internal report definition files.

scratch               Internal temporary file storage directory.

sql                      Apache Derby database initialization  files.

tmp                    Java 7 temporary file storage directory.

tools                   Device tool scripts.

ui                       Core service code.

update                Online update temporary storage directory.

ztwrapper           Net LineDancer service executable and configuration.