7.3     Permissions Configurable in  Roles

7.3.1   List of Permissions

Here is the list of configurable permissions.

No.Descriptions of permissions
1view compliance rule sets and policies.
1-1create/update/delete a compliance policy.
1-2create/update/delete a compliance rule set.
2view device configurations.
3administer credentials and protocols.
4create/update/delete device information in the inventory.
5assign names to custom fields.
6tag/untag in the inventory.
7administer scheduler filters.
8run a backup job.
8-1create/update/delete a backup job.
9run a device discovery job.
9-1create/update/delete a device discovery job.
10run a tool.
10-1create/update/delete a tool job.
10-2run a tool which changes a device configuration.
11run a report.
11-1create/update/delete a report job.
12run a restore job.
13run a neighbor collection job.
13-1create/update/delete a neighbor collection job.
14run a Smart Change job.
14-1create/update/delete a Smart Change job.
15create/update/delete URL launchers.
16create/update/delete memos.
17create/update/delete managed networks.
18create/update/delete Zero-Touch configurations.
19create/update/delete Zero-Touch.
20administer security settings.
21create/update/delete inventory tags.
22login using the terminal server proxy.
22-1automatically log in to devices from the terminal server proxy.
23view other user’s terminal proxy logs.

7.3.2   Permission vs  Available Operations