7.6     Updates in  version 13.08

• Draft Configurations Feature:

  –  Support for creating configuration drafts from existing device configu- rations, or importing from text files.

  –  Draft configurations can be edited directly and can then be pushed to the device (either running or startup configuration).

  –  Drafts can also be compared to existing configurations to verify that only the parts you expect to change are affected.

• Change Adviser Feature:

  –  This is new feature that is unique in the industry.

  –  The Change Adviser can work with existing configurations or draft configurations.

• Tera Term Integration

  –  Working in concert with the Terminal Proxy feature, which allows auto- mated login to devices and capture of terminal sessions, we have added the ability to simply right-click       on a device in the inventory list and open a Tera Term session that jumps directly into the device – logging in automatically for you.

• Cisco PnP Feature(optional)

  –  We added the ability to create run after the Cisco PnP function, to back up add the inventory automatically.

• Add Supported Operating Systems

  –  Windows  Server 2012

  –  Linux Cent OS / later than RedHat 5.x/6.x