Roll Back to NetLD Version 14

  1. Uninstall netld v16 by running this command as root:

    yum remove netld

  2. Ensure that the /usr/share/netld folder no longer exists.  If it does, remove it:

    rm -rf /usr/share/netld

  3. Install netld v14.06, either using the installer you have or the latest downloaded (it does not matter).  If you use an older installer, do not perform any online updates after the install.

  4. Stop the netld service:

    service netld stop

  5. Copy the derby and lucene directories from your netld v14.06 backup into /usr/share/netld.  Only copy the derby and lucene directories, do not copy over other directories you may have backed up.

  6. Lastly, run the netld v16 installer.