This document explains the system backup to the outside of Net LineDancer (hereinafter referred to as netLD).

In netLD, the system backup is normally saved in a directory in netLD, but it can be saved externally by setting.

External system backup procedure

1.Access the netLD console screen. All console screen settings are made with the keyboard only.

2.Press “6” on the keyboard. 

3.Press “4” on the keyboard.

 4.Select the server type.

5.Enter the required information and press the Enter key. 



Remote NFS/SMB path

Network path / IP address


User name set in the server


Password set for the server


6.Choose the below screen.



[1] Copy existing backups to the NFS/SMB and delete

Copy an existing backups to NFS / SMB and then delete it

[2] Delete existing backups


Delete an existing backups


This completes the console screen settings.

* Reboot will be performed automatically when setup is successful.


7.Move to the netLD GUI screen and click “Settings”.

8.Select “System Backup” and press “Perform System Backup”.

The backup is saved on the external system.