The job approval function requires a job created or edited by an applicant user to be approved by an approval user before a job can run. Unapproved jobs cannot be run. By using this function, secure operations and change management compliance become integral to netLD.

* This approval function is only valid for jobs that change device settings.

3.14.1 Request Approval

Users can request job approval when creating or editing jobs.

  1. Create or edit a job.
  2. Open the Job Approvals Log tab, enter a change request message in the message field, and click Request Approval.

When the application is completed, Requested is displayed in the Approval Status column. There are five possible statuses.

Approval Status


Not Requested

Job approval request has not been set.


Job execution approval is requested.


Job execution is approved.


The job approval request is rejected.


The job is closed. This status is set when the job completes or the job is manually closed by the requestor or approver.

* If you want to execute a closed job, you need to request approval again.

3.14.2 Approval

An approver can approve a job after an Approval Request is made.

  1. Open the Job Management tab.
  2. Open a job in the Requested approval status.
    • You can filter the displayed jobs using the Approval Status filter. 
  3. Check the job contents and open the Job Approvals Log tab.
  4. Enter a change approval message in the message field and click Approve.
  5. If there is a problem with the request, enter a change rejection message in the message field and click Reject or you can ask for additional details and click on Comment.
  • Each change in job status requires a notation in the Comments field before the updated status is clicked.

3.14.3 Job Management: Review Job Approvals Log

On the “Job Management” screen, double-click on the target job and click Job Approvals Log to review the recorded status comments associated with the selected job.

* The Job Approvals Log button is enabled only for jobs executed after approval.

3.14.4 Job Management: Set Approval Function Permissions

There are two role permissions used to enforce the approval function process. To set the requester and approver role permissions:


  1. Click “Settings” to open the “Server Settings”.
  2. Select “Roles” and select a role to edit its permissions.
  3. Set the role permissions and click [OK].


Authorization related to the approval function consists of the following two permissions




Permission to approve a tool job execution.

Required to approve a job for which an “approval request” is made.


Permission to run a tool job without approval.

Permission to execute jobs without an “approval request”. For auditing, change management, and compliance this should always be disabled.


3.14.5 Job Management: Approval Function Notification

ⅰ.SNMP trap setting

To send a trap when an approval event occurs from “Server Management” screen select “SNMP Traps” then check the “a change approval action occurs”.

A trap is sent when a job is requested / executed / approved / rejected / closed.

ⅱ.Send mail

For send mail to work, include an email address when creating a user account, or add an email address to the account. This is accomplished by selecting “Users” under “Server Settings”, and editing the user account. An email is sent when a job is requested / executed / approved / rejected / closed.

スクリーンショット が含まれている画像



To send mail, you need to set up a “Mail Server” under “Server Settings” in advance.


Additionally, if there is an outstanding job approval request, the following banner will be displayed at the top of the screen.

スクリーンショット が含まれている画像


3.14.6 Change Required Approval Number

You can specify the number of approvals required before the applicant can execute a created / edited job. The required number of approvals can be set from “Server Settings” → “Change Approvals”. You can require up to three approvals before a requested job is run.