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What is Net LineDancer?

A.  Net LineDancer, also known as NetLD or NLD is a network configuration management tool that allows you to manage all of your networks from a single pane of glass.

What does "NCCM" mean?

A.  Network change and configuration management

Who are our major competitors?

A.  SolarWinds, ManageEngine, netMRI by Infoblox, HP Network Automation and Cisco Prime Infrastructure

What advantages do you have over other products?

A.  Easy to use, device agnostic, intuitive GUI and proprietary features like SmartChange, ChangeAdvisor and Cisco Plug&Play

What things/actions will trigger a backup process?

A.  Click backup manually, schedule a backup job under Job Management or when NetLD receives a syslog message on a device(s).

How long can backup data be stored and can the stored data be automatically deleted?

A.  NetLD can store data as long as the hard drive permits.  Old data can be deleted after a certain amount of time.

Does Net LineDancer do full backups of configurations every time a backup job is run?

A.  After capturing the initial device configurations, NetLD only backs up the changes made to the device - eliminating full backups every time a job is run can save a tremendous amount of HDD space.

Can a configuration backup be restored?

A.  Yes, by a simple click of a button - thus eliminating the need for an expensive engineer to rebuild the device.

Is it possible to notify an administrator of a configuration change when the change is actually made?

A.  Yes.  You can configure NetLD to send an SNMP trap to an NMS (network management system) for real-time change detection.

Is it possible to see live port status on devices?

A.  NetLD does not show the live status but rather the latest status of the ports.

Does NetLD create network topology maps?

A.  No, it does not.

Is it possible to make changes to multiple devices at the same time?

A.  Yes, the "Change Menu" will allow you to make changes to devices across multiple vendors.  Command Runner also allows you to execute commands across multiple devices.

What are "Credentials"?

A.  Specified username, password, etc., to be defined when logging into a device.

What is the difference between dynamic credentials and static credentials?

A.  Dynamic credentials applies towards networking groups or multiple devices.  Static credentials are set individually per device.

What if SNMP is disabled on our devices?

A.  You will not be able to see any hardware-related information about the device(s).

Is it possible to apply unique changes to multiple devices at the same time?

A.  Yes, with our proprietary SmartChange feature you have the capability of creating a change tool that is unique to more than one device.

Can you manage overlapping IP address' with Net LineDancer?

A.  Yes.  By using our SmartBridge technology, you can manage many networks even with overlapping IP spaces.

Does Net LineDancer support IPv6?

A.   Yes.

What kinds of databases does Net LineDancer use?

A.  It is PostgresSQL.  Prior to release 16 it was Apache Derby.

What is Change Advisor?

A.  Change Advisor allows a user to be able to see what commands will be run in order to restore back to the selected configuration.  NetLD recognizes the syntax difference between vendors and provides them to the user.  The user can also edit the commands before restoring.

How can I apply a configuration that I wrote, directly to a device?

A.  The draft configuration feature will allow you to to directly write or copy/paste in a configuration, to then push to a device.

What protocol is used to communicate between main NetLD server and SmartBridges?

A.  SSL is used between NetLD and SmartBridges.