This manual describes how to add NetFlow job templates and use them in Net LineDancer. To use this templates, netLD must already be installed on a server.

Add NetFlow Templates

1. Log into the system that netLD is installed on and move to the following directory. (For Windows server, the commands should be run on a CLI, cmd or PowerShell)


cd /usr/share/netld/templates


cd "C:\Program Files\Net LineDancer\templates"

2. Run importJobs.pl to import NetFlowTemplate.json and CiscoNetflowTemplate.json.


./importJobs.pl NetFlowTemplate.json localhost:11443 admin password Default


..\Perl\bin\perl.exe importJobs.pl NetFlowTemplate.json localhost admin password Default


importJobs.pl NetFlowTemplate.json [NETLD-HOSTNAME(or IP)] [NetLD-USER] [NetLD-USERPASSWORD] [NETWORK]

Adding the templates is now completed. To confirm, log into netLD and navigate to the Jobs -> Job Management tab.


Change Template Setting

You can change the template setting through [Jobs] -> [Job Management].

When you double-click the template which you wish to change the setting, the details of the template is shown at the lower part of the console.

Use NetFlow Template

The templates are available from the [Smart Change] menu and you can push the configurations towards multiple devices at once.