Overview of the netLD audit log.

This document describes netLD's authentication audit logging feature.


NetLD provides a log file for seeing when users log in and out of the netLD interface.

File location

As a user with administration rights, go into the netLD user interface.

In the top right corner, select "Settings"

In the left hand panel, select "Users"

At the bottom of the page, in the middle, you will see a link for "audit log".  Click this link, and a popup will appear with the audit log.

To download the file, in the popup, click the icon in the bottom right corner.

File Contents

Each line in the audit.log file represents a single audit event containing the timestamp of when the event occurred, the category* of the event, and a message describing the event

*Currently only the AUTH category is supported.

Message Types

The following message types are currently available

 Type Description Example
LoginA user logged in successfullyWeb login for user admin from
LogoutA user logged outWeb logout for user admin from
Login FailureAn authentication was attempted but failedWeb login failed for user test from

Example Contents