Guide to configuring netLD to send SNMP traps for integration with an NMS.

This document will explain how to configure netLD to send SNMP traps to other systems as well as explain the details of each supported trap.


  1. Configuration
  2. MIB File
  3. Available traps

1. Configuration

To configure netLD to send SNMP traps navigate to the SNMP Traps page of the Server Settings dialog.

On this page you can choose when traps should be sent as well as the which server to send the traps to.

To add a server to send traps to, click the Add button (  ) below the Trap receivers list. This will open the SNMP Trap Host dialog.

In this dialog you can configure a destination server or NMS to send SNMP traps to.

2. MIB File

NetLD provides a MIB file covering all of the traps that can be configured to be sent. 

While it is possible for many NMS systems to receive and handle SNMP traps by OID alone, it is often more convenient to import the actual MIB. The MIB provides detailed documentation about the structure of the SNMP traps sent by netLD.

File location


C:\Program Files\Net LineDancer\config\network\NETLD-MIB.txt



3. Available Traps

This table shows a brief overview of the SNMP traps that netLD can send. Refer to the NETLD-MIB for more details about the contents of each trap.

 Trap Name  Description
Sent when netLD detects that a change was made on a device
Sent when a device is added to the netLD inventory
Sent when a device is removed from the netLD inventory
Sent when there is a failure running a job against a device
Sent when a compliance violation severity of a device increases (eg: when a device goes out of compliance)
Sent when a device that previously in violation of a compliance policy is now in violation of no policy
Sent when a job has completed execution