Net LineDancer performs a daily online check for software update availability.  Additionally, anonymous usage information and subscription usage information (for Subscription License customers) is uploaded at this time.

By default the time at which this daily check is performed is randomized to prevent all installations from accessing the update servers at exactly the same time.  However, some customers have expressed a desire to set a specific time of day when these actions are performed.  In order to accommodate this use case, Net LineDancer provides a user configurable preference.

The execution time can be set, expressed in 24-hour time format (e.g. 19:30 = 5:30 PM), by execution of the following command:


   ./dbutil prefset "org.ziptie.provider.update:updateTime" "23:15"


   perl dbutil prefset "org.ziptie.provider.update:updateTime" "23:15"

In this example, the time of the daily check is being scheduled at 11:15 PM (i.e. 23:15 in 24-hour time).

Returning to Default

If, after setting a pre-determined time, you wish to return to the default (randomized) behavior, simply execute this command:

   dbutil prefreset "org.ziptie.provider.update:updateTime"