Backup Failures

1.) Confirm again the credential information set in netLD (username, password, community strings, etc.) matches the configurations in the device.

2.) Make sure the protocols enabled for the device in netLD are also enabled on the device.

3.) Ensure that firewall/antivirus software does not block the required ports.

4.) Make sure that NO TWO network groups share the same IP address.

5.) Check to see the cable connection again and ping the networks.

Once you have verified that these issues still have not fixed the backup error we will request logs to diagnose the issue.

We will ask that you enable adapter logging and back up the device within the 5 minute window to capture the outputs.

To enable adapter logging...

  1. In the NetLD UI, go to Help -> About screen
  2. Select Adapter Logging
  3. Enter the IP address of the device (the recording checkbox is not necessary)
  4. Perform a backup of the failing device
  5. In the /logs directory of the server (on windows this is C:\Program Files\Net LineDancer\scratch\logs) there should be several *.log files for the device.

Additionally, generating a will also help us troubleshoot further. This file will give us a more detailed report that should help pinpoint the issue.

To download the

  1. In the NetLD UI, go to Help -> About screen
  2. Select Send Log
  3. In the Send Information to SupportĀ dialog select Save

Once you download this log can you email it to us?