In this manual, we explain the procedure for deploying Net LineDancer (hereinafter referred to as netLD)

Virtual Appliance (VA) on a Microsoft Hyper-V host. And how to configure the VA’s initial settings.


 1. Installation should be done by a user with Administrator privilege on Microsoft Windows.
 2. Check the minimum requirements for the installation.

Minimum Requirements for 3,000 devices:

 Operation Systems:
 Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
 Windows Server 2012
 Windows Server 2012 R2
 Windows Server 2016

   Windows Server 2019

    Windows Server 2022

 Hardware Requirements
 8 CPU Cores Minimum
 16GB Minimum Memory

 On the Client side, you can browse netLD Server with:

Windows Hyper-V Deployment

The following procedure is an example of a Hyper-V VA deployment.

1. Start the Hyper-V Manager and click Action → New → Virtual Machine to display the New Virtual Machine Wizard.

2. Enter the desired name for the virtual machine (VM). If desired change the storage location of the VM. Click Next.

3. Select Generation 1 and click Next.

4. Set the Startup memory and click Next.

5. Next to Connection: select a virtual switch for the network connection and click Next.

6. Select Attach a virtual hard disk later and click Next.

7. Click Finish.

Initial setup

After creating the VM, you need to assign the two VHDX files, included in the deployment download, to the VM. Then manually configure the MAC address and set the network. The netLD license linked to the MAC address. If the MAC address is changed after the license is applied, the license is invalid and the configuration backup cannot be executed as the function is restricted. In order to prevent this, manual setting of MAC address is recommended. Manual setting of MAC address is not required for new licenses.

1. Right-click the created virtual machine and click Settings.

2. Click Processor and change the Number of virtual processors. Then click Apply.

3. Select IDE Controller 0, select Hard Drive, and click Add.

4. Click Browse.

5. Browse to where you stored the downloaded VHDX files, select disk1.vhdx, and click Open.

6. Again select IDE Controller 0, select Hard Drive, and click Add.

7. Click Browse.

8. Browse to where you stored the VHDX files, select disk2.vhdx, and click Open. Lastly click Apply on the next screen.

9. Click the + next to Network Adaptor, and select Advance Features to add a static MAC address matching your current license. Then click OK (A static MAC address is not required for a new installation).

10. After the deployment is completed, please start and connect to the virtual machine

netLD Configuration

After starting the VM, some network changes may be needed. By default netLD receives its IP address and configuration from DHCP. In an environment without a DHCP server, IP address and configuration are set to blank as in the following capture.

1. To set the IP address manually, follow the procedure below. All settings are changed using the keyboard.

2. Press 1 on the keyboard to select Static IP Address.

3. Press 1 again to select eth0 (Perimary).

1. Enter the following items to match your network requirements. Type y to save the settings.

After the network settings above are completed, they are displayed on the netLD screen. By connecting to the highlighted URL in your browser, you can access the netLD web console.

For additional information about operating netLD, refer to section 1.3 Accessing the netLD Instance of the net LD Use Manual.