You can create below values as deep link by using URL Launchers.

By setting them, it will open up the dialog. The valid tab values are:






Here is an example of the url, we can display "Select the configurations to compare" dialog of the device.

The four parameters here are

 ・username and password - The netLD login username/password (this bypasses the login screen). If these aren't specified the deep link still works, but the user will also be prompted to login.

 ・action - "diff" indicated to run the Comparison deep link actions (currently this is the only supported action)

 ・device - This is the IP address of the device that will be passed to the diff action

We can also add tab parameter after device ip address.

There are some examples:


General Information:

Hardware Configuration:

Interface Configuration:

Device Neighbours:

For further details regarding URL Launchers, please refer to Chapter 5.2.7.