Net LineDancer V16 to v19 upgrade on Virtual Appliance

Since the upgrade procedure varies depending on your environment, follow the flow chart below and use the appropriate upgrade procedure.

Upgrade from Virtual Appliance (VA) version 16

First, if you are upgrading from VA version, you cannot downgrade back to the previous version, so we strongly recommend that you take a snapshot of the virtual machine before starting the upgrade. Also please execute system backup.

 *Navigate over to your settings and make sure to perform a backup before considering any upgrade.

Net LineDancer performs daily backups by default, and can perform backups on-demand through the Settings dialog when logged in as an Administrator role user.

  1. To upgrade with the VA version, upload the VA update program from the Logicvein customer download page A password is required to access this site. If you do not know this information, please contact us with your serial number, and we will send you the credentials.

  1. Select and download the Virtual Appliance update.
  2. Unzip follow the “software_package-lvi-core* enc” file.
  3. Please verify that you are currently running latest V16.
  4. Connect to the netLD Admin Dashboard: https://<NetLD-IP>:8443
  5. Enter your API Token and login.
  6. If this is your first visit to the netLD Admin Dashboard, select “Setup API Token”.
  7. Enter and reenter an API Token of your choice. You will need to remember this token for the next time you connect to the Admin Dashboard.
  8. After logging in, click Update.
  9. Specify the download file from “Choose file” and click “Update” to start the upgrade.
  10. When the update is completed normally the following screen will be displayed.

     12. Please restart netLD. Once it starts, please login to netLD, click “Help”-> “About” and confirm that the version is now                the latest.


Virtual Appliance Deployment

Net LineDancer is provided as a Virtual Appliance (VA). To use Net LineDancer, the following environment is recommended.

Check Database

All windows installation use the Apache Derby database. Generally Apache Derby is used with Linux. In case of redundant system (optional), Postgres is used. Postgres is also used with Virtual Appliance.

Derby and Postgres Data migration

The data transfer from Apache Derby is run for the v19 console. Before transferring, check the followings.

 * Communication can be established between Linux and VA. (HTTPS)

 * All console settings are keyboard operation 

  1. Open VA console.
  2. Press [4] with keyboard. (To execute Import Data)
  3. Press [y] with keyboard after the following prompt is displayed.
  4. Enter IP address of Linux/Windows server, then press Enter.

        5. Enter the information for the admin user, then press Enter.  

                   (Do NOT use a user that has administrator roles - must be admin)

After pressing Enter, transferring is automatically started. After transferring, the following screen is displayed. By pressing Enter key, screen moves to initial screen. Transferring is completed.

SmartBridge Upgrade

After upgrading the core system v19, all attached SmartBridge installations will automatically update to v19. Please change the IP address of core system v19 same as v16 IP address. After smart bridge upgrade completed, turn off V16 core system to avoid IP address conflict issue.