The latest virtual appliance update file is available for download from our customer download page at

Please contact for the password for this site.

Once you have downloaded the zip file, you will need to unzip the file.

You will need to download the "Full *.ENC file for use in Admin Dashboard". To apply the contained ".enc" update file to your existing system, you can navigate to the Admin Dashboard of your system (https://systemIP/admin) and then go to the "Update" tab. From this update page you can easily upload the enc file (software_package-lvi-core-2023.02.0-202305261051-full.enc) to complete the update process.

As always, before performing the update, we strongly recommend saving a system backup of your system as well as take a virtual machine snapshot. In the unlikely event there is an issue with the update process you will want to have a backup to go back to.

In the future you can check our website for the latest release and changes: